Does ongoing bugs should be inside scrum board or not?

Hi All,

On this blog I’m going to talk about Scrum, well….not exactly. I’m talking about what is not working on scrum. Today, “Scrum” is a buzz word, let’s face it! Managers loves scrum & so others because it is so trendy or business magic for deliver something fast. But, not all scrum implementation are clear & easy.

Does ongoing bugs should be inside scrum board or not

Early this week, the PO & other SM’s, had a discussion regarding how to treat bugs. Let’s think about it. R&D developers are working to fix bug or something that was broke due to their code. From R&D point of view, they’re working & the way to display this content of work is by sharing it on scrum board. On the other hand, from SM point of view, on scrum board represent the work for deliver a PSP or MVP. So, does bug reflect that? –Of course not.

Here is another question: what about GA blocker bugs? -There is no doubt that GA blocker bugs have strong impact upon project quality & delivery.  But do they create new PSP or MVP? Could project ignore those GA blockers?

So, who is right? I think that internal politics will be eventually making the rule. Why? Since, internal politics makes rules that reflect “efficient & smooth” for the winning party.

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