How long standup meeting can be long? 


Do you recall a situation in which someone took it into extreme?

How did you felt about it? Relaxed?  Stressed?

Let’s face it, extreme is not suitable to anyone as not all people are working alike.

In scrum dailies, we have a standup meeting for about 5 minutes in which we speaking of: what has done? What is ongoing? And any open issues?

The main idea behind this:

Ø  Team efficiency,

Ø  Reduce meeting duration,

Ø  High level sync & etc.


One of our manager in which is enthusiastic with efficiency techniques has decide to take this approach into extreme. He took off all the chairs from his office & announced that all meeting will be on standup.

At first, I could see other people that meeting on standup through his office glass.

On the second time, it was “our” turn (3 scrum master) to standup for 45 minutes.

Then the bell rang & I thought I was saved at least for the next 10 minutes.

On the third meeting, with all R&D team leader, scrum masters & project manager (13 people) we stood up for another 45 minutes.


Let’s take an example: government want to reduce air pollution & traffic jams by using buses. So, now more people get on buses while amount of traffic jams wasn’t reduced enough. Hence, the people on buses are standing up for almost the same amount of time as they drove in their cars but more tired & nonproductive.


So, I start thinking: where did we go wrong?

On dailies, meeting goal is totally focused on sprint delivery (MVP or PSP). All members are committed; focus on target & meeting duration is only 5 minutes. On manager meeting, the “goal” is become philosophical arguments. There is not specific delivery rather a method. Assuming that the amount of participants increased & so the meeting duration the outcome is inefficient meeting.


I think we should switch the “extreme” into “balance”. Generally, most things in our life are balanced – sometimes more & sometimes less…but balanced. Sometimes “Extreme” is also good, but in specific borders & timelines. If you had ability to choose, what would you choose?


Till next time,




One thought on “How long standup meeting can be long? 

  1. This made my laugh a bit, thank you 🙂 I’m sorry you feel that way. The path to a successful method is full for trial and errors and failures – there are usually no shortcuts. As general note, please do some research on the article topic before publishing – you might be surprised to see the good side of things, or at least mention them to be “balanced” with your opinion 😉

    For example, check this out:


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