Filter, filter & filter

Hi All,


Lately I became, a “filter expert”, which means exploring JIRA capabilities for customized it for our scrum board, roles & teams. On the one hand, I really love the idea of exploring or extending JIRA capabilities for example by using the followed function: “linkedIssuesOfRecursiveLimited”. Where else, I can learn such tool, configure or customized it & sometimes even mess it up. On the other hand, adding filter or configure it on weekly basis, it is more of JIRA administration than be a scrum master (SM). So, I’m considering working at JIRA/Atlassian…not really.


As I see it, scrum meaning should keep simplicity, efficiency & user friendly – so, it’s supporting tool –in this case, JIRA. In my vision, you configure scrum board at the project beginning & that it.

The opposite is occurring in actual:

Ø  Working on filters on weekly basis,

Ø  Managing more than 20 different filters for example:

·         story with bugs but only GA blocker

·         Stories without Epic

·         Unassigned stories


We even solved some challenges:

Ø  Filter should caught stories or bugs from different projects,

Ø  We found out that filter has 255 char limit & bypass it,

Ø  We learned to use complex filter as “linkedIssuesOfRecursiveLimited”.


I really, like to hear how you handle JIRA filters from the followed aspects:

Frequency: Daily, weekly, monthly.

Should we allow large or small filter amount?

Does filter should be complex or simple?

If you have any other insights regarding JIRA filters, please feel free to share.





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