“Done” vs. “Done-Done”

Hi All,


Today, I’d like to talk to you about ‘Done’ task on scrum board. In our common sense, ‘Done’ means the task is over or complete. But, is this really the case? -Sometimes, scrum stories or sub tasks are mainly for writing R&D design documents, such as: high level design or low levels design for a feature or for some module. QA may also have tasks for setup preparation as well.  Does it mean that “something” was delivered by the end of the sprint (PSP or MVP)? –Of course not. although those tasks were completed, nothing was actually delivered. So, what those ‘done’ mean? In generally, they mean that scrum can contain supportive or surrounding tasks for enabling feature delivery.


Another issue may rise when R&D completed a feature or module, but QA didn’t test it yet.  Is this task or story is ‘Done’? -From, R&D point of view, feature was delivered, so it must be ‘Done’. From QA point of view, this feature was not tested so it is under ‘In progress’ state. So, which of them is right? –Let’s take zoom out & look on it as end users. When a user buys some product (i.e. car) or service does he or she really care if it is ‘Done’ by R&D or QA? -Would you drive a car that wasn’t tested by QA? Would you take a flight on a plane that was not tested enough?


How, scrum handles this issue? When such supportive issue is an internal story or sub task, ‘Done’ state could be done by this task/story owner. But, what happens when R&D complete an external story or task? – Task owner is pushing task into ‘Done’ column at the scrum board. But, still QA didn’t test it…

One approach to solve it, as followed:

1.       Define that R&D tasks or story should be in ‘Resolved’ state.

2.       Then QA should validate this task & close the task or add new JIRA bug.

By this way, task is both delivered & tested.

Second approach, can be task duplication/cloning. Meaning that, QA is cloning R&D story – we keeping two stories for same original story. This way, when R&D close a story as ‘Done’, The Product owner or Project manager, knows that although feature was delivered, still QA need to test this feature.


I’d like to hear any thoughts from you all.




One thought on ““Done” vs. “Done-Done”

  1. Important subject indeed. Done-done is something every agile team should define. Even if testing was covered, the story should not be considered as done as long as the pass rate is not satisfying.


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