The Spotify Method

Hi All,

Yesterday, I got an interesting link from a friend of mine regard new agile method that Spotify are using it as R&D platform. (

First, let me describe this method & then I will discuss the pros & cons of this method.


So, what is Spotify method is all about?

In short, Spotify, tried to figure out the answers for the followed questions  in which are still under experiment:

1.       How to increase delivered features?

2.       How to reduce delivery time to market?

3.       How to increase employees’ motivation?

4.       How to create ‘Cool’ or ‘Innovative’ brand at the market?


Let’s see Spotify assumptions:

1.       No need for backlog, team is smart & creative enough to figure out what need to be develop & how according to general goals.

2.       Feature should be independent & not aligned.

3.       Feature should be small.

4.       Since team will act as task force & seat together no need for bureaucracy.

5.       The above increase employee motivation & satisfaction.

6.       At this point Spotify become ‘Cool’ or ‘Innovative’ brand at the market.



Autonomous – Teams are autonomous in terms of what to develop & how to do it.

Bureaucracy – Reduce meeting (Planning, Dailies & Retro)

Seating arrangement – create more motivation & fast delivery.

Release trains – fast release every 1-2 weeks & incase, feature is not ready feature is disabled.



Integration – the alignment is between small features, but when it comes into complex product it is becomes a big issue.

Standard -Each team has its own coding language, operating system or testing tools.

Seating arrangement – each team has its own cubical for all developing duration (low privacy).


At the bottom line, we will need to wait & see if this new method increasing the followed KPI’s:

1.       Amount of delivered feature

2.       Feature maturity or quality.

3.       In terms of end users, does end user adaptation is increased?

4.       Does the ROI (return on investment) or company revenue have significantly increased?





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