​Cross Global Daily Standup Meeting

Hi All,

ho is not familiar with scrum daily meetings? But, did you ever thought about doing those dailies worldwide? -For example, a scrum team is contains members from Italy, Ukraine & Israel. In this case, what should be the best practice for doing team daily meeting?


On one hand, there is no doubt that daily meeting has its benefits for: team sync, raising issues on time & sharing knowledge. On the other hand, when it comes to cross global meeting, daily can be a big issue. In the most common way, members are gathering, speaking & standing for 10 minutes.

In rare case, scrum members are located in different places or working from home.

This issue, become bigger issue when each member has its own native language. One way to tackle this is by video conferencing in English. But here is what actually happens:

Scrum master: “Good morning…Let’s start”

-All members are focused

Member #A: “I worked on X, today I’ll work on Y”

Member #B: “I worked on A, today I’ll work on B, I have issue C” –member #A is not listen anymore.

Member #C: “…And…”

-Members #A, B not listen since, already spoken. Members’ #D & E are getting boring.

So, if members are not paying any attention, what is the difference from 1:1 meetings? –Why not cancelling those dailies & return into the old way?


Similar issue, raise when most scrum members are in site#A & few members are located on site#B.

So, meeting is held in English, but the site#A members are actually standing while site#B are seating.

Let’s see, meeting in non-native language & scrum culture is different…probably, will cause to no comfort for members during scrum meeting.


So, what should we do? –Well, I believe that scrum daily has its own benefits. But, we also need to think what the daily benefit is when it comes to cross global from the followed point of view:

-What is the native language?

-What is the scrum culture?

-Does the video conferencing is giving actual benefits like scrum daily or everybody get bored?


Alternatively, each site can use its own local scrum team or return into 1:1 video conferencing method.

How do you doing cross global scrum meetings?





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