Asking the correct questions?

Hi All,


Are we asking the right or the correct questions in our scrum? Do we asking any questions at all? Are we getting answers for those questions?

-Well, asking questions make us more understanding in a specific process or method. Sometimes, we have to ask question for adjust a specific process while on other case those question can forecast an outcome. If we won’t adjust scrum process team won’t be efficient. If we won’t be able to get the correct forecast the costs may be high.


Let’s check some examples that may occur from time to time (theoretical):

Not asking any question – one scrum team may work for 2-3 weeks, to deliver some small content & surprisingly no issue were rose during those weeks. So, now the outcome could be one of two: a successful delivery (“magic”) or not delivering anything (but now all manager will start asking questions).

Asking the correct question but not on time – “Hey, we’re able to deliver content, but did we check the pass rate?” –it means, scrum members were able to deliver content on time, but the pass rate was suppose to be constantly monitored during sprint. Eventually, no one track it.

Not getting answers– In some cases, a complex feature or component may be developed by multiple teams on different sites & each one of them is depend on the others. At this point project manager or product owner can ask: “Are we going to deliver this feature from end to end on time?”


The lesson from those types of questions is asking the followed key questions

Initiate/React – As scrum team, are we want to initiate action or react? –In the previous blog I wrote about manage or be managed.

When (what is the project stage or ROI) – Are we able to handle such issue with the current resource amount now? Or should we wait? Should we change new content to bugs ratio?

What will be the impact? –Is this a small issue or domestic one? Are those critical users?


Sometimes, the difference between delivering a successful content or not to deliver is starting with questions. Correct question & many of them.





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