Buzzword vs. DNA

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Have you ever think of why Company A is doing just “well” by using scrum while Company B in which is also using scrum but doing a great? –in addition, both companies are at same size, at the same field & all using scrum. It doesn’t make sense at all. Let’s take a close look to understand this issue.


Both companies are using scrum that’s for sure. But do they use scrum at the same way? Alternatively, we could ask, what the difference between both companies is.

·         Company A– are using the followed scrum items: planning meetings (internal & external), daily’s, retro & demo.

·         Company B- are using the followed scrum items: planning meetings (internal & external), daily’s, retro & demo. In addition, all management team is involved – meaning: product owner, project manager & R&D/QA team leaders are also actively participated at those meeting.

So, what is the big difference between both companies scrum methods?


While Company A is using scrum method as part of actual development & QA mode of work, Company B took scrum as entire company culture. Meaning that all company is using scrum (product owner, project manager & etc.) hence all Company B stakeholders are sharing same terminology & scrum values eq “culture”.

Let’s discuss this issue with some example:

In case A, all buses, cars & motorcycle are driving the same street. Each one of them is driving the same street at the same time but with different mode (buses, cars & motorcycle). Yet, all of them stop driving when they reach traffic lights with red lights on & continue to drive when light is changed into green light. In case B, all buses, cars & motorcycle, are driving the same road. But this road has an interchange. So, all of them drive till they have an unexpected traffic jam from the outside.


Similarly, when a company uses scrum as a buzzword – meaning, scrum is used only for the internal R&D. The scrum effect is neglected since it depends upon managerial & cross organization processes that may transfer or block scrum effect. But when the company is “truly” using scrum values & method you can alternatively say that this company has scrum inside her DNA. The managerial & cross organization processes are aligned with scrum process. Hence, this company wills a much better than the other company.


Which type your company uses?






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