Between Projects

Between projects


From time to time, you enter into “between projects” situation. The main idea in “between projects” is that there is no idea at all.  To be explicit, company has delivered a big successful project (Hopefully), and yet the new project …-Well, is just around the corner but still has not approved yet (in which could be translated into: days, week or months).  So, you may find yourself waking up in the morning with great feeling of “This morning I’m going to do a great” with excitement, until you realized that project was just delivered & no new project yet. There goes the good morning.


Can we avoid it?

Well, to be honest, we can’t avoid such situation, but we could do few things to change “between projects” impact. Followed some ideas:

Vacation – company can do better planning. Since, company agreed upon current project items, such as: project content, resources & schedule. Company could estimate when current project should be ended & new project is just about to start. Hence, company, could say that “between projects” time will fall on summer vacation time or during holidays time.

Maintenance of current version – Company, my say it is a good time to fix all painful bugs from our backlog. New project is still not started so why wasting time.

Innovation – In some, companies, this time could be used to develop new features. Remember all great features you talked about but didn’t have time to develop them. “Between projects” is a good time to start. For me, this is a great opportunity for learning new technology & do thing that makes me improve myself. For example, last year I learned about big data while this year I’m learning “machine learning”.

In some case, you can caught up with technologies that you “missed” due to lack of time & read tech blogs or even going to tech conferences.




Why avoiding such great opportunity? -As you can see, “between projects” it is a great time for vacation, improving the current version or even learns some new techniques.





One thought on “Between Projects

  1. I’m happy to see you have started to put images in the posts, but for some reason I can’t see them while browsing through my Smartphone.

    Your ideas on what to do between projects is a good approach to leverage the uncertainty.

    On the other hand, in Agile, we should continually make sure that the backlog is not getting g empty, which creates continuous development of features. Project release becomes simply product management semantics (almost) for taking the greatest and latest available and releasing it.

    Even in your workplace, the backlog is never getting empty. Check it out.

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