KANO Model

Hi All,
Two weeks ago, I went to a scrum conference, mainly for caught up with scrum new ideas/trends & also to get aligned with other scrum masters. As doing so, I participate in an interesting lecture “Build, Measure & Learn” by Dennis Nerush. What was caught me is the idea that we (as R&D) can describe feature implementation as correlation with end user satisfaction. One of the biggest R&D questions is: “How do we measure feature impact on end user, when R&D implementation is X & user satisfaction is Y? Or how much it will cost us?”

We all familiar with: build or even version quality, scope & deployment. We also familiar with learning process inside organization. I mean, it is really common & basic. But should we develop a feature? If the answer is yes, what will be feature maturity should be? 
 KANO Model
The KANO model aims to describe the user satisfaction as function of R&D implementation.

The KANO model, based on to 2 dimensions: 

Axis X – Feature implementation level (not implements – fully implemented).

Axis Y – User satisfaction level (Dissatisfied – Satisfied).

We all know that: user will become more satisfied as we go into feature fully implemented.

But in reality, this is not always the case. Let’s give 2 examples: 

What will happen in case, a company missed the market but must to deliver something just to be aligned with its competitors?

What will be the case, when company core value is to deliver any product or service that will make user be fully satisfied?
The KANO model can make some sense for R&D concept of how much to invest & gain customer satisfaction. But what is truly missing out, is what customer satisfaction actually means, since human satisfaction could be translate into many psychological needs. On the other hand, the implementation is missing of duration, quality & resources. As those questions is more company philosophy. They should be raise & not to be removed from table. Since, in the bottom line; it will be translate into money or more specific what will be customer revenue & how much to invest on R&D.





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